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Barry Le Va

Barry Le Va born in Long Beach, California in 1941 Le Va graduated from the Otis Art Institute in 1967 and subsequently moved to New York where he has lived and worked since 1970. Le Va is a contemporary American sculptor and installation artist. Le Va is among the leading figures of post-studio and process art of the late 1960s. His abstract sculptures, installations, drawings, and editioned works are featured in major art collections around the world.

These multi-layered, dynamic and physically daunting works “… are no longer plan views but are, instead, dimensional projections that vacillate in perspectival ambiguity. Circles, spheres, ellipses and cylinders in different sizes, scales and colors are connected by planar tracts that at once hold them in place and shift them from location in time and space to another.”[1] Le Va sees “collages basically as a building notion….[these drawings are] layered map[s] constructed totally of parts, disconnected time sequences, processes and thoughts, of transition-made-stable by the act of final placement.”[2]
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[2]Le Va, Barry, interview by Marianne Brouwer, in Barry Le Va. Otterlo, The Netherlands: Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller, 1988.


Barry Le Va: Accumulated Vision

ICA, Philadelphia, PA (curated by Ingrid Schaffner)