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Susie Rosmarin

Meticulously crafted, Susie Rosmarin’s paintings defy the limitations of two-dimensionality and pulsate with charged matrices of color and light. While mathematics play a central role in Rosmarin’s work, she is also influenced by Op Art, hard-edge abstraction, and the observation of pattern, repetition and geometry in nature and everyday life – gingham and fabric design, modular architecture details and even the front grille of a 1960’s Cadillac.

Susie Rosmarin was born in Brownsville, Texas. She received her BA from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, in 1973 and an MFA from the Pratt Institute, New York in 1981. She has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and her work is included in the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York and the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, among others. Rosmarin currently lives and works in Houston, Texas.