Zebedee Jones

By virtue of their mass, their dense, heavily impastoed surfaces, their generous volumes of paint projecting outward from all sides of a deep, sturdy supporting frame, Jones’s monochromatic paintings demonstrate a potential for weight to register as visual energy. In many of these paintings, their dynamic range is further enhanced by the use of vivid color - hot reds, yellows, and oranges, and brilliant blues. Employing traditional artists’ tools as well as unconventional implements, Jones creates eccentric topographies of paint that reveal a broad field of expressive detail – incised lines, elements of drawing, scored parallel striations, and scraped-down surfaces revealing passages resonant with underlying color.

Born in London in 1970, Jones graduated with honors from the Norwich and Chelsea Colleges of Art. One-man exhibitions have been presented in London, Amsterdam, Dublin and Rome. His work has also been included in a number of museum exhibitions, including “Real Art” at the Southampton City Gallery and the Stedelijk Museum (1995); “Ace!” the touring exhibition of recent acquisitions of The Arts Council of Great Britain (1996); “Foundations for Fame” at the London Institute Gallery (2000); and, “At Sea” (2001-02) at the Tate Liverpool. Zebedee Jones lives and works in London.