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Traces of remembered landscapes, paeans to Cézanne, the intuited color of Matisse and Bonnard are evoked in the work of Larry Poons, and "ensure a constant shift in the experience of the painting as it oscillates back and forth from the local to the universal."[1] Intensely individual and intimate, each assertive brushstroke becomes a part of the whole – the short and frenetic, the calm bold edge of confidence – an arena of action tamed by the sublime. Robert Pincus-Witten observes in his text for the accompanying catalogue that "…Poons instrumentalizes chance (the very hallmark of Abstract Expressionist painting…)."[2]

Larry Poons was born in 1937 and grew up in New York. In 1955, he attended the New England Conservatory of Music, and two years later transferred to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He was given his first one-man exhibition in 1963 at Richard Bellamy’s famed Green Gallery, and in 1965 his work was included in MoMA’s celebrated exhibition, "The Responsive Eye." In 1969, Poons was the youngest artist featured in curator Henry Geldzahler’s landmark survey, "New York Painting and Sculpture, 1940-1970." In 1981 the MFA Boston organized an exhibition of his paintings from the 1970s. The work of Larry Poons is included in major museum and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. He currently lives and works in New York.
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